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Welcome to VM Forensics

IT Forensics, Electronic Discovery, Data Recovery are all elements that are not new to modern society. VMForensics strives to meet the current demands of its clients whether dealing with a computer forensics investigation, disclosure for a regulatory case or litigation.

VMForensics is a global firm providing extensive knowledge and expertise in the area of Digital forensics, eDiscovery and Data Recovery. VMForensics use the most up to date forensic technology to deliver their forensics offering.

VMForensics’ members have a portfolio of over 12 years’ experience in the field, with our members being experts in the field recognised globally.

VMForensics operate principally in Ireland but have completed investigations worldwide including UK, Northern Ireland, across Europe, Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

VMForensics geographic location in Dundalk, Ireland, lends itself to the ease of accessibility to both Dublin and Belfast. Dundalk, County Louth, enjoys a great location, strategically located approximately midway between the two largest cities in the island of Ireland, Belfast and Dublin.

VMForensics is also a registered business in Northern Ireland, located in Newry Co Down. Again geographically, the location suits all of the North East, including Belfast. The Northern Ireland business was incorporated in 2015.

VMForensics are listed in the Expert Witness directory of Ireland 2016.

Since our incorporation in 2014, VMForensics has gained a reputation for service excellence. We are retained by likeminded professional organisations that respect our commitment to expertise in quality digital evidence. Our proven forensic, eDiscovery and related services have secured our position in the market place as a brand leader and this has been the foundation of our success and growth.

Our success has also grown from the outstanding contribution of a committed VMForensics team. Central to the team is Dr Vivienne Mee with over 12 years’ experience in the field, offering a huge skillset which is core to the team. The team includes highly skilled individuals within the investigations and support functions.

VMForensics provides professional services throughout Ireland, Northern Ireland, and UK.

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Ireland Office


Phone: +353 (0) 42 93 80568
Web: www.vmforensics.ie

Northern Ireland Office


Phone: +44 (0) 2830 480 015
Web: www.vmforensics.co.uk




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